Thursday, June 11, 2009

Don't Blink!

I can't believe how fast the past nine years have passed. Sophia turned 9 today. I remember so clearly the day she was born and it doesn't feel like that happened nine years ago....3 or 4 maybe, but 9? no way!

I remember this day when we had a photographer come to the house for her first photo shoot. Sophia was so interested in the camera, so serious, just starting at all the equipment. She was about 2 months old and this was actually on my birthday, August 17th 2000.

and here she is when she was two. Look at the innocent face!

four...closing her eyes because she was sick of me taking pictures. Liitle did she know how many I would be taking once I started scrapbooking in a year or so!


six... grown up

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!


Amy said...

happy birthday sophia :)

mommaidwf said...

She's a beautiful girl Cassie. You're right - don't blink! You might miss something!