Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rollerskating is making a come back...

at least in my world it is. I have so many fond memories of "The Rink" as we called it. The Rink at Montvale. We used to go skating almost every weekend. Anyway, where I live now and old rink just re-opened in the fall and now I have a place to go again! It's much smaller than The Rink, and kind of a dive, but it's still fun. We just had Nicholas' birthday party there this weekend. I had great time with a friend's Cricut Cake making a Rollerskating themed birthday cake. I found a free SVG file of a skate online and used it for my image.

Also, if you need a great place to buy skates. I highly recommend SkateMob. They have great prices and ship fast even with the standard shipping. If you have any questions about what to order, Bruce is great and will answer any of your questions.