Thursday, January 29, 2009

I've been tagged

This time I've been tagged by Kerri to go to where I keep my photos, pick the 6th folder pick the 6th picture, post on your blog and tell about it. I keep my photos on my external hard drive ever since my hard drive died a few months ago. My sixth folder is of my wedding day, 14 years ago. I've scanned in about half of what we have and hopefully one day I'll take the time to scan the rest. I remember telling the photographer ahead of time that we wanted all black and white candid shots and that was it, but my mom really wanted some posed photos in color. So you can see it's posed, but not in color. The photographer accidentally shot them in black and white.

So now it's my turn to tag 6 lucky people.
Amy Steinmetz
Sam Mansfield
Noel Culbertson
Kim Kesti
Chris Hertel
Joscie Cutchens

Remember the rules are 6th folder, 6th picture, post on your blog, and tag 6 more!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I just learned what a favicon is...a website icon (thanks Joscie rhymes with Bossy) They show up in the browser bar to the left of the website that you're on. So I picked my all time favorite cartoon character...

can you see him up there in the browser bar?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I know it's January 10th already and I didn't post any resolutions, but I have made some.
1. I want to learn how to use my Canon Rebel xti off of the automatic setting.
2. I want to actually submit some of my scrapbook layouts to magazines instead of just thinking about it. This means I'm going to have to keep up on the page calls.
3. I resolve to keep my purse/handbag organized.
4. I resolve to use the grocery recyling bags that I keep in my car. Everytime I go shopping I forget to bring them in with me. So far this year I remembered every time!
5. I want to be a better meal planner for the family. I'm sick of coming home from work, not knowing what to make and not having enough of any ingredients to make something interesting. So my goal would be to find a lot of easy, but good recipes that don't take too long and make sure I have the ingredients and plan out what days to have them.

So on the cooking thing...I've always been a gadget lover and have tons of cooking tools and gadgets. This love for tools and gadgets is probably what got me into Architecture. I loved all the drafting equipment, but then the computer came along for Architectural drawing and I switched to kitchen gadgets. This is what makes me a good scrapbooking candidate...I saw all the tools and equipment and got sucked right in. Somehow since the scrapbooking started, the cooking kind of slowed down. Anyway, I've been doing pretty well on resolution #4 so far. I made a meatloaf which turned out to not be so good. I like my family's recipe way better. I tried it because it was different and looked easy and I wanted a change, but I'm going back to the tried and true Mom's recipe. We also had the most delicious Southern Style Jalapeno ribs that my friend Amy gave me, a very easy, but good chicken pesto dish and today French Onion soup that John said "is better than what you would get in a restaurant".

Crispy Baked Pesto Chicken: I got this recipe from the kraft foods website. I used boneless chicken breast that are individually wrapped and frozen - easy to keep on hand. The only part of the recipe that I didn't like was the Shake-n-bake coating. I will substitute Italian style bread crumbs in the future. I made this with Green Beans and Tomatoes Italian also from the kraft site. This was really good. I used Good Seasons Italian instead of what the recipe called for. My time saving tip is that I used the frozen steam in a bag green beans, also easy to keep on hand.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Woo Hoo!

What a nice way to start off the New Year. I am one of the winners of a Hero Arts (my favorite stamp company) contest. You can see my cards here...