Sunday, August 2, 2009

CKC - Valley Forge

I had a great time at CKC this weekend. I volunteered again to be a Teaching Assistant. I was assigned to Quick Quotes for several classes. The teacher, Joy (who has a very fitting name, by the way) is actually the one who designs the paper for the company. How cool would it be to design scrapbook paper! Speaking of paper designers, I also met the paper designer for Marks Paper Co., Stacy Marks. Marks Paper Co. is beautiful and they have both real paper and digital...I love that!
I was really hoping to find the new Quickutz Letterpress, but unfortunately it's not out yet so I have to wait. If anyone knows where to find that baby let me know!

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Taffy said...

that's awesome! i'm glad you had a wonderful time!

p/s designing scrapbook paper would be da bomb!