Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's called a "Crop"!

John cracks me up when he thinks he's using scrapbooking lingo correctly. I got home from my all day "crop" last night and he asks "How was your scrap?". Well...he tried.

As usual I didn't get that much done and was in awe of everyone else and how much they all accomplished. Just getting out and hanging out with a bunch of women (and one little chicken) who share my same passion for paper and glue is enough to make me happy.

yes, we needed ALL that stuff...even the rolling pin.

here's little chicken...(or is it ralphie?)




nathan, one of the silly goose monkeys, smiled like this all day!

friends...thanks for a fantastic day!


Kristin said...

So I have totally decided that I look WAY better standing up then sitting down, lol! That's so funny about what John called the crop.

Amy said...

glad you enjoyed it :) john & ryan should hang out, since ryan calls it "crapbooking." LOL!

scrappermimi said...

Looks like a fun time at your "scrap"! Thanks for stopping by the Marks Paper Booth at was great to meet you!