Wednesday, February 27, 2008

conversations with Nicholas

I hope to never forget the little things like a typical conversation with Nicholas. This is one we had this morning on the way to school.

Nicholas: Momma, Momma, What lives in trees?
Me: Owls do and other birds, bugs and bees.
Nicholas: Bees don't live in trees.
Me: They don't?
Nicholas: No
Me: Then where do they live?
Nicholas: They live in bee hives.
Me: You're right, they do live in bee hives.
Nicholas: and the Jellyfish live in Jellyfish hives!

It turns out that he got that Jellyfish hive thing from SpongeBob. I really don't get the fascination...he's a sponge and he's square and he wears pants. I did have to laugh when Patrick was wearing fish net stockings and heals, though!

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