Thursday, January 29, 2009

I've been tagged

This time I've been tagged by Kerri to go to where I keep my photos, pick the 6th folder pick the 6th picture, post on your blog and tell about it. I keep my photos on my external hard drive ever since my hard drive died a few months ago. My sixth folder is of my wedding day, 14 years ago. I've scanned in about half of what we have and hopefully one day I'll take the time to scan the rest. I remember telling the photographer ahead of time that we wanted all black and white candid shots and that was it, but my mom really wanted some posed photos in color. So you can see it's posed, but not in color. The photographer accidentally shot them in black and white.

So now it's my turn to tag 6 lucky people.
Amy Steinmetz
Sam Mansfield
Noel Culbertson
Kim Kesti
Chris Hertel
Joscie Cutchens

Remember the rules are 6th folder, 6th picture, post on your blog, and tag 6 more!!


Cassie said...

well i'm glad you did! growing up cassie was such an unusual name but now that i'm an adult i "met" a few other cassie's - which is always nice.

you have a lovely blog - you were a beautiful bride!!

oh - and congrats on being a winner on the Hero Arts blog. That's one of my favorites too and what an honor to win over there!! kudos to you girl!!

scrappin_mom3 said...

Love your pic Cass! Thanks for playing along!