Monday, May 12, 2008

A Sunshine Jar from my Sunshine!

I got the cutest Mother's Day gift from Sophia. It's called a Sunshine Jar. Inside are yellow and orange strips. The orange ones are redeemable coupons and the yellow are little things she wrote about me. In no specific order...
"Good for one batch of cookies"
"Good for one kiss"
"Good for one walk to the park" (is this acutally for me or for her?!)
"Good for one back scratch" (add a massage and I'm all set!)
"Good for one huge hug" (Don't think I need a coupon for that...get those all the time!)

"I love you because you always give me hugs and kisses."
"I love you because you make the best cake, brownies, and cookies."
"You are special because you always give me presents" (I do that a little too much)
"I love you because you do crafts with me." (would you expect anything different?)
"You are special because you make the best pasta in the whole world." (I especially love that one)

I'll post my son's mother's day gift after it starts growing!

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miss~nance said...

What a beautiful, beautiful gift.