Saturday, December 1, 2007

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

Well it seems like something goes wrong with every Christmas decorating thing I try to do. Half of the door garland lights went out and now the new entryway trees I just bought have one tree with half of the lights out. Not to mention the garland for the porch railing from last year. The back half went out and now I have to go through those lights before hanging that out again this year. One of these years it'll all come together and everything will light up!
Sophie, Nicholas and I have been busy making ornaments, though. We found the round ones in a Creating Keepsakes Book called "Scrapbooking with Your Kids". It's a great book that has lots of other project ideas in it aside from Scrapbooking.
We then took the basic idea and expanded it to little trees...the possiblities are endless.


KreativeMix said...

cute and adorable!! love em!!!

Amy Hummel said...

Dude!!! Those are soooo cute! Totally stealing (er, lifting) that idea next year!

CKMB scrapbooknmommy said...

I love your ornaments, totally cute!!!