Monday, October 1, 2007

I love our neighborhood!

There's no mistaking the distinctive sound of the hot air balloons. On a typical day here when he have crisp cool weather there's a good chance of a hot air balloon siting. On Saturday we heard the whooshing sound of the fire while out on the porch. Sophie and Nicholas were so excited to spot one out back. (It doesn't matter how often we see them, they get excited every time!) I quickly ran in to grab the camera. I usually never remember to get a shot of them. So as we are watching the balloon we see a second balloon. Now the kids wanted to follow them. Pretty soon we see a third and then a fourth! This time one of them got so close that we were able to hear the people in the basket saying hello.....really cool. I picked a great day to remember to get my camera. There is something magical about a hot air balloon!

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